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Planning Board Hearing on Shared Driveways, Old Dunstable Road

Planning Board Public Hearing Notice
Special Permit – Section 218- 8.1F Shared Driveways
In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 40A, §§ 9 and 11, M. G. L., and the Code of the Town of Groton, Chapter 218, the Groton Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Thurs- day, July 8, 2021, at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall to consider the application submitted by Richard Lewis, 330 Old Dunstable Road, for a Special Permit under the provisions of Groton Zoning Bylaw Section 218-8.1F Shared Driveways. The applicant proposes to construct a shared driveway access for three house lots located east of Old Dunstable Road and north of Bridge Street as shown on the plan entitled, “Shared Driveway Plan, Old Dunstable Road, Groton, Massachusetts” prepared by Dillis & Roy Civil Design Group, dated May 3, 2021.
     Copies of the application and plan are on file in the Planning Board office and the Town Clerk’s office in the Town Hall. The Town of Groton does not discriminate on the basis of dis- ability. Further, a signed translation of this public hearing will be provided for the hearing impaired upon request by contacting the Planning Board at (978) 448-1105 at least ten days prior to the hearing
Russell Burke, Chairman
6/18/2021, 6/25/2021 D

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