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Just Day Dreaming

The eleven acre Lawrence Homestead field, a beautiful reminder of Groton's rural past, a reminder of our self-sufficient agricultural history, is about to be divided into three house lots and a new fire station. The Lawrence Homestead Trust, intending to sell 3 housing lots by taking the field out of 61A Agricultural protection and by paying seven years of back taxes, plans to sell three house lots in addition to the parcel of land reserved for the Fire Station.

It may be too expensive, just too much to contemplate, only a daydream, because we are discussing the reality of spending $8 million for a new Fire Station. But just for a moment, let's indulge ourselves the fantasy of purchasing the whole Lawrence Homestead field, the whole 11 acres, exercising the Town's right of first refusal for any parcel exiting 61 A protection. Acquiring the whole field would allow the town to preserve more than 8 of the eleven acres, continuing haying on eight of the 11 acres, largely preserving this reminder of Groton's rural past, perhaps even allowing us to locate the Fire Station more strategically, further diminishing its impact on the 'Gateway' to Farmers Row. How often does land within easy walking distance of the Center come on the market, a parcel of 11 acres, a large parcel available without the legal and emotional costs of invoking eminent domain, a parcel that could provide future generations the flexibility to plan a better Groton, a purchase that might be fairly called, "sustainable".

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