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Full-Time Building Inspector Proposed at $72,000 plus Benefits

With the resignation of part-time Building Commissioner Mike Kinney, Land Use Director Michelle Collette requested that Selectmen upgrade the position to full-time for FY2014. They agreed and there will now be a full-time and a part-time building commissioner. Town Manager Mark Haddad advised the Board that the salary would be $72K per year, double the current salary amount. He said that the funds could come from the excess levy fund for 2014, and noted that he did not expect to spend all the current snow and ice funds.

Collette advised that the number of building permits is increasing along with the amount collected in permit fees. She pointed out that Groton had had a full-time commissioner since 1990, but that in 2010 the position was split with Boxborough, during the depth of the recession. "Since then, there has been a marked use of the Building Commissioner and the support staff." The Building Commissioner also serves as the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

According to Collette, in calendar year 2011, there were 333 building permits issued including 18 new single family and $126,615 collected in building permit fees. During 2012, there were 339 building permits issued including 25 single-family, one two-family and one commercial, and two commercial renovations. The permits totaled $159,396.

In her written request to the Board, Collette said that the two most complicated projects in 2013 and 2014 will be the new Center Fire Station and Groton Electric Light Dept. building. "Both public construction projects will require a considerable amount of the Building Commissioner's time," she wrote.

The Land Use Department anticipates an increase in activity and listed the following residential developments that have been approved but not built to date: Academy Hill - 94 lots; Bertozzi Farms - eight lots; Boynton Meadows - 15 townhouses, Crystal Springs Estates - nine lots, Monarch Path -14 lots, Reedy Meadow - 10 units and Rocky Hill - 84 lots.

Collette pointed out that there will be renovations at Tarbell School, four more units at RiverCourt Residences, and the possibility of some action at Squannacook Hall. In addition, she said, there have been inquiries at the Four Corners for a potential build-out at that site and there are also some preliminary plans for developments in north Groton and on Lowell Rd.

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