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FITCH'S BRIDGE: Going..Going..Gone

The ancient steel truss bridge - Fitch's Bridge - that spanned the Nashua River for close to a century was gobbled up in just a few swipes of the giant crane's jaws - relegating it to the scrap heap of history.

The operation was swift and clean, with the remains gone from the site. All that is left are two stone abutments that after some masonry work will become useful once again as the resting foundation for the new prefab bridge.

Originally, the plan was to have the crane onsite - to both remove the old structure and replace it with the new one right away. This was also to save the cost of having the crane brought to the site twice.

However, Town Manager Mark Haddad said that when town officials found that there would be no additional cost for the crane and that offsite construction of the new bridge would take some 10 weeks, they opted to remove the bridge now before the beginning of summer, removing the temptation to be the last person to jump from the bridge.

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