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Carriage House Restaurant Hearing Closed

Special Permit/Site Plan Review public hearing for Carriage House Seafood Grill and Function Hall was closed by Planning Board at their Dec. 13 meeting. The Board will now move to deliberate the proposal and expect to take their vote on whether or not to grant two requests at their Jan. 3 meeting, The grill and function hall will be located in an existing building on the Groton Inn site.

Engineer Jeff Brem, representing applicant George Pergantis, updated the Board on issues that they raised for clarification at their Dec. 11 meeting. Specifically, Brem said he laid out an additional 39 green-banked parking spaces on the grass that now covers the former location of the Groton Inn. "This meets the town requirements for 107 spaces plus the 10 waivers. The site can now support [parking] for 241 seating capacity at the seafood grill and function hall." He stressed that the green-banked parking spaces would be used only in the case of overflow of vehicles.

Occupancy number 0f 241 in the grill and function hall was determined by Building Inspector Milton Kinney who directed that, by law, sprinklers needed to be included in the building before a Use and Occupancy Permit could be issued. Brem stressed that the sprinkler system is a decision that would be made by the Building Inspector and Fire Chief.

rem told Planners that the Historic District Commission wanted to keep the front of the property as a green area. He also addressed a small area of encroachment of an abutter's property line by one driveway and advised that the driveway pavement would be moved so that it is completely on Pergantis' property.

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