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Selectmen unanimously approved transfer of a Beer and Wine Package Store license from the current owner of Groton General store on Boston Rd. to the new owners, incorporated as Omahi Realty, LLC, Boston Road Market. The approval was contingent upon the new owners resolving certain issues with the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health and also on successful execution of the Purchase and Sale Agreement on the property. There were no objections from abuttors on the transfer.

Selectmen also approved an all-Alcoholic Package Store license for Boston Road Market. The approval was also based on the same contingencies stipulated in the Beer and Wine Transfer. During the hearing on this license, Dennis Marchand, owner of Craven's Liquor Store on Boston Rd., objected to the license noting that his store is very nearby and another liquor license in the immediate area will negatively impact his business. Selectmen member Anna Eliot also expressed concern about having two liquor licenses located in close proximity to one another. However, Vice Chair Josh Degen noted the economy is a free enterprise system and while it is not ideal to have two all-alcohol licenses in such close proximity, it could be discriminatory not to choose someone first in line and choose someone else who came in later.

The new owners of Boston Rd. Market said he didn't believe his store would compete with Cravens and his store would have a different appearance and would be an upgrade in atmosphere. He also noted that an all-alcoholic license is needed for his new store because the business needs a new and stronger source of revenue.

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