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Abutter Objects To Demand For CONNECTOR ROAD As Condition For Restaurant Permit

Bob France developer of 134 Main Street, also know as Boynton Meadows, asked the Planning Board to adjust the escrow requirement for paving the connector road to adjoining properties. In their deliberations, the Planners agreed that there was not immediate urgency for the paving of the so-called 'connector road', and that it could be done as a pre-condition for an occupancy permit before the final construction phase. The Board felt that at the time the buildings were ready for occupancy, the area could be paved or an escrow set aside at that time.

George Pergantis, owner of the site of the former Groton Inn and an abutter of the 134 Main Street Property commented that he did not understand the purpose of creating such a road because he would never allow it to cross his property. A member of the board said that the order of conditions for his application for a special permit to operate a restaurant included the requirement that he grant an easement a for just such a road. George Pergantis said he was not aware of such a condition and reiterated that he could not accept it.

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