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Who Would Serve Best by Ellen Hargraves

Dear Editor:

With fewer than three weeks left before the election, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on several of the races that will be on the ballot. Obviously, the closest, and most important to the entire country, is the Presidential race. I have been concerned, and even fearful, about the path our country has taken over the last four years.

The Obama administration's "tax, spend, and borrow" philosophy has weakened the US in the eyes of the world and within our own ranks. I dislike being beholden to a foreign country's money to run our government. A 16+ trillion dollar national debt is unconscionable, as is trying to operate our country for four years without a budget.

The recent tragic events in Benghazi point out the weakness of the current administration to respond to State Department and Defense requests for more security in these tense times in the Middle East.

I have witnessed Gov. Romney in action, as he worked with, what was then an 87.5% Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate, to successfully pass legislation that reduced the state debt and benefited the citizens. And he did it without playing the "blame game", our current president's mantra. Mitt is most personable and is not afraid to tell it the way it is. For the sake of our entire country, I would urge you to vote for Mitt Romney for President.

If you read Sen. Scott Brown's book, "Against All Odds", I'm sure you would better understand the man who has risen above his childhood circumstances of abuse and poverty, to be most successful in his personal and professional life. Not only has he been an effective Senator because he is so willing to work with both parties to produce legislation that benefits all citizens, but he does it in an engaging, personal and pleasant way. He represents all of us equally without regard to gender, race, political party, or sexual preference. I am tired of the rudeness displayed by some who disagree with my political views, by making impolite gestures while I'm holding a sign, blasting my ears with a bullhorn message, or pushing in front of me with an opponent's sign. Disagree with me all you wish, but please do it civilly. Scott Brown IS who we need to keep in Washington, not someone who will simply follow her party's agenda. Please vote for Sen. Scott Brown - for ALL of our sakes.

Jon Golnik is a successful small businessman from Carlisle who is running for Congress from the 3rd Congressional District which encompasses Lowell, Lawrence, and the towns within the 1st Middlesex State District. Jon is extremely engaging with solid solutions for lowering the high unemployment rate in the cities, and reducing regulations which are crippling small businesses. He is focused on job creation and reducing the national debt.

You can learn more about him on Better yet, come to Bob's and my open house for Jon on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 21st, from 3-5 p.m. at our home at 21 Temple Drive in Groton. This will provide the opportunity for those that do not know Jon well to learn what he would do to improve the lives of those of us living in the 3rd Congressional District.

Last, but certainly not least, please vote for our State Representative Sheila Harrington on Nov. 6th. She has done a phenomenal job in her first term at the State House, and is always willing to respond to a call or email to help her constituents. She has helped our returning servicemen and women, by organizing receptions and food collections, and is well respected by both parties on the Hill.

By now, I'm sure you know I am a Republican. But more importantly, I'm a citizen, wife, mother, and grandmother of nine who cares deeply about this country, state, district, and town. When filling out your ballot, please think carefully about who would best serve that office with his or her work experience, genuine caring for all of us, and ability to get things done. Thank you.

Ellen Hargraves


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