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Time to VOTE!

To the Editor:

A long time ago, my father told me there were no guarantees in life (other than death and taxes, of course). And, with time, I've come to agree with that sage observation, with one exception. Hurricane Sandy did a real number on our ability to complete the work called for by the articles in our 2012 Fall Town Meeting warrant, but the weather this coming Saturday morning, Nov. 3 appears guaranteed to give us that opportunity.

If you have a interest in the outcome of the vote on any of the articles remaining to be considered, even if it's only one article, then please plan your life around attending on Saturday to cast your own vote. If you don't, then, there WILL be one thing guaranteed in your life: Your vote won't count.

(Fyi, This "Exception" also applies to our national elections next Tuesday, Nov. 6.)

Most sincerely,

Scott Evans Harker

Martins Pond Road

Groton Herald

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