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Tantamount to Slavery

 Dear Editor,

Plato, in his Republic refers to Philosopher Kings, wise, nearly omniscient rulers who guide his utopian nation.  The whole concept of Plato's "republic" is sufficiently absurd that some scholars think he wrote it as a satire.  Unfortunately, the idea of the Philosopher King seems to have influence down to our day, with Hitler and Stalin possibly having been influenced by the concept.  Ayatollah Khomeini is said to have been influenced by Plato's Republic and to have based some elements of Iran's Islamic Republic on it.

  Today, this principle of wise rulers who can guide our every action and perhaps, our every thought, seems to have come to roost in the Democratic Party and its "Nanny State."  There is certainly little doubt that the progressives think they know how to run our lives for us.  Of course, taking such direction is tantamount to slavery, if perhaps a kinder, gentler version that that which afflicted African "immigrants" to early America.  It's still a loss of our freedom, however.

  The Libertarians have a saying, that "your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins."  Or perhaps a little ways out from that sensitive point...Obviously, we need laws and regulations.  What we don't need is the stifling embrace of the Democratic Party and the Nanny State,

 Vote for Freedom.  Vote Republican!

 Sincerely yours,

 Brooks Lyman

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