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In the Spirit of Thomas Paine

Dear Editor:    

Almost everyone has heard the famous quote by historian Alexis de'Toqueville, that says, "a democracy will last only until the people realize that they can vote themselves money." The democrat party, with a strategy of incrementalism, and using the battle cry, "it's for the children and the neediest among us", have made de'Toqueville's warning their agenda. Simply, they have morphed into the Socialist-Democrat Party.  They take our taxes and "warehouse" their voting base between elections. The safety net has become a hammock! In reality, they don't give a rat's behind about the children, the neediest among us, Blacks, Latinos your health insurance, or you. What they do care about is getting as many potential voters dependent on government so that they will "rule" our country in perpetuity. 1 in 7 Americans is on some kind of government assistance.  47% pay no income taxes.  Food Stamps (EBT Cards) have risen from 32 to 47 million in 3.5 years. Gas has more than doubled in price.  We are 16 trillion in debt and 23 million Americans cannot find quality jobs.  Had enough yet?

     JFK gave public employees the right to unionize. Ted Kennedy gave us the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.  And how's that "Great Society" and "War of Poverty"(LBJ) working out for us? Carter gave us the American Dream program (that everyone should own a house).  Clinton and democrats in congress expanded on Carter's American Dream program, pressuring and cajoling banks and other lending institutions to make sub-prime loans and then guaranteeing them through Fanny & Freddie.  President G W Bush went to congress 18 times to try to rein in the excesses of Fanny & Freddie, and were told by Barney Frank and democrat leadership, "Fannie & Freddie are solvent and are doing just fine."  Our present Community-Organizer-in-Chief announced the "Dream Act". He did an end-run around congress and merely "proclaimed" it!  And, coming soon to your wallet are 18 new taxes hidden in Obamacare all passed and ready to kick in 1/1/13(after the election, of course).  All democrat programs, all disasters, in total, costing us trillions of dollars. Think what a great country we might have at present had this money gone into research and infrastructure. Had enough yet?

     In the spirit of triage, the first step in saving our economy, and our country, is to vote democrats out of office.  This coming election is not American Idol.  If Obamacare is allowed to become law, we are ceding 17% of our total economy to the democrats, and allowing the same people who run the Registry of Motor Vehicles to be in charge of your and your loved ones health care. If we, as a people, allow this to happen, then the country we grew up loving, the land of boundless opportunity, the last safe haven and model for the rest of the world, could disappear forever (or until the next American Revolution.) 

Michael J Cahill,

Groton Herald

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