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A Night of Shame

Dear Editor,

Our town government and residents should be ashamed of there behavior regarding the sewer project at town meeting. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing.

  Shame on Jack Petropoulos for not supporting the sewer project. It wasn't enough that he was the only selectman not to support the project, but, then he felt the need to insight an already hostile crowd with false accusations of the committee and consultants for either withholding or not getting the proper information and so called data. At the end of the meeting I still wasn't clear what data Jack wanted.  I don't think he was either. The state was satisfied enough with the data to move forward. Jack must know something that the state doesn't.  I'm sure that if Jack had an above ground 23 acre cesspool  in his backyard he would have found the data more than sufficient.

  Shame on the finance committee .Your presentation left me sick and with a feeling that the town doesn't care about its residents and that living on Lost Lake was equivalent to living in the slums. Your presentation was sloppy and lacked any meaning or caring for your fellow neighbors

  Shame on the people who didn't support the project. Not supporting the project is one thing, but your behavior towards each other, the committee, and the consultants was nothing less than rude and abusive. I would like to think that we can disagree on issues in a respectful and mature manner, but, this was clearly not the case that night.

  Shame on the people who supported the project, (my self included), for not speaking out in favor of the project. We needed to prevent the above people from harassing the committee and consultants when they accused them of not doing the research and data gathering that they were asked to provide.  This simply was not true.

  Shame on the town moderator for letting all of the people for and against the issue ramble on about pointless stories such as comparing the sewer project to buying a car. I suggest you take some lessons or call Bob Gosslin and ask for some advice on how to moderate a town meeting.

  I also have to wonder how the state will react to the sewer project being voted down.  Several state agencies have already been involved in this process and have supported it.  Now the town is not moving forward.  Eventually the state will become involved if the town does not take the necessary steps to the address this problem.

Sincerely ,

 Erich Garger 

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