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To the Editor:

It makes you wonder what could have possibly happened to cause the Herald to scuttle every argument against the monstrous fire station about to be built on the town's most beautiful hayfield two weeks before an election.

Special interest groups appear to be alive and well in Groton!

Let's look at the points they raise:

Every one starts with an acceptance of the opposition arguments!

So let's just leave it at that - it's an inappropriate building and site for the purpose and should be stopped!

Taxpayers! Take an hour out of your day (or year) and go to Town Meeting October 15 and vote against it! (That means vote YES on Articles 10 & 11. It means voting NO on Article 13 and 14.)

It desecrates the intent of our Master Plan, is full of special town board exemptions, and will be a drag on our children and grandchildren to maintain it in a shrinking economy!

When citizen's homes are completely overwhelmed by large government structures you'll know you've lost the battle against overweening government.

Lynn Chace

Broadmeadow Road

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