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Lost Lake Taxpayers Get Little Value

Dear Editor,

I would like to encourage residents of the Lost Lake area, especially residents who own lakefront property to file property tax abatements for 2012. Lost Lake residents pay an extreme amount of taxes to the town and hardly get any town services for their tax dollars.

Many lakefront residents have to deal with decaying infrastructure such as poor roadways, flooded yards/driveways due to poor storm management runoff practices and a polluted dying lake. Lakefront residents have to pay 1.6 percent times the regular tax rate for having the privilege of living on this oversized cesspool that they call Lost Lake. Weeds are so bad that you can't even swim in the lake anymore. In the summer time, on hot days the lake stinks so bad of sewage that it's hard to even be outside.

Most residents don't even have town water and rely on contaminated wells for their drinking water. The town refuses to enforce local ordinances around the lake. For example several residents have illegal businesses on their properties such as commercial wood splitting operations and make life miserable for everyone else nearby with their excessive noise. When the town is called about problems like this, the town refuses to do anything about it.

Lost Lake residents need to stand up and make a statement that we are tired of being ignored by the town and want town services for our tax dollars.


Erich Garger

Redskin Trail

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