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Limit Number of Farm Animals Allowed

Dear Editor:

I would like to answer telephone calls I received about town administration's plan to drop all regulations and zoning laws as they pertain to a farm. The question the calls raised seems to be, "Why would town administration do such a thing?" I can't speak for the administration, but I surmise a deal was made over the town taking farm land for the fire station, letting the farmers do whatever they want. The farmers are a special interest group. What about the abutters to farms and the population in general? Don't they have rights? Don't forget, President Bush deregulated the banking industry and the country almost went belly up. I don't think the present zoning laws and Melchap 40A and Sec. 3 unreasonably restrict a farm.

I would not like to see a zoo or a circus next to someone's house, which is likely to happen with no regs in place. 150 years ago, Groton was a farming community. Now there are five major housing developments up for review.

I think of Groton as a bedroom college town. It has no major industry. The trouble is the town is growing and there is no place for retired people, with all the growth and liberal spending going on. The fire station was built 10 years too soon. There is no full-time fire force to occupy it. Oh well, better early than late.

If you are anxious about the farm situation, please show up April 22 at town meeting and demand the administration put a number on the amount of animals allowed per acre of land, or we could have an animal slum in town.

Robert Stephens

W. Main Street

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