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LETTER: Guerrilla War Can Be Effective

Dear Editor,


Carol Canner and her friends (See Leeters to the Editor, April 12 issue) seem to be laboring under some misconceptions regarding the possibility of citizens resisting government tyranny against today's military, and also about firearms technology.


If the US government decides to eliminate a group of citizens - for whatever reason, and rebellion seems to be only one excuse: remember Waco - in the manner of Syria's Bashar Assad, there isn't much that we can do about it.  

But if the government (as I would expect of a government of Americans) merely wants to control people, not obliterate them, then a guerrilla war with small arms can be very effective, as the US military discovered in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, where we could have easily bombed the population back to the stone age if we had wanted to.  So the original purpose of the Second Amendment is by no means obsolete.

As for personalized guns, these are technological devices that are still something less than practical or reliable.  The main use for such a gun is by police officers, who often have their guns grabbed by criminals during a tussle and used against them.  In a home defense situation, unless every person in the household - yes, including older children - were keyed to the gun (which may be a step beyond what the technology is capable of), a wife or child might find themselves defenseless against a home invasion attack, a type of crime which is becoming more common in suburban and rural areas.


And such technology would be of no use in preventing criminal use of the gun if it were stolen - it would be relatively easy - if somewhat time-consuming - to defeat the personalization.


As for someone in a fit of anger taking his or her legal gun and going on a mad killing spree, all I can say is, speak for yourself.  There are plenty of people who own guns and who have become very angry with people - including spouses and children - and not only never picked up the gun and shot anyone, but never even resorted to force of any kind.  Does the suggested scenario occur?  Yes, but not very often relative to the number of people who own guns and use them for self defense. 

Jesus said that we would always have the poor with us.  A corollary to that is that we shall always have evil and insane people with us.  Let's not pass laws that make it more difficult to defend ourselves and our families from such people....

Sincerely yours,


Brooks Lyman

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