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Of Hurricanes and Presidents

Dear Editor,

 I don't know about the rest of the town, but I got through Hurricane Sandy with no problems except a little water in the basement, which happens every large rainstorm anyway. GELD seems to have done a good job of making sure the power lines were as hurricane-proof as possible, and for me, at least (Townsend Road) they won the battle. Thanks!

 On another storm front, I can't help but wonder whether we really want another four years of a president who allowed our people in Benghazi to be murdered in an organized terrorist attack and then tried to cover it up as being the result of a protest against an almost unknown You-Tube video. And I have to wonder just whose side Barack Hussein Obama is really on: ours or the Jihadists? No matter. Next Tuesday, we should vote him out of office.

Vote Republican!

Sincerely yours,

Brooks Lyman

Townsend Road

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