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Fully Armed Public "Cannot Be Trusted"

Dear Editor:

The NRA is an unusual organization. After their efforts of the past 10, 20, or 30 years, and now that the public at large is well armed, the NRA is telling us we need armed security to protect us and our children from what they have accomplished.

Whether you own a gun or not, I want to take exception to the logic of this argument. A fully-armed populace, including people having good and bad days, young and old, responsible and irresponsible, now fully-armed with military-style guns, just cannot be trusted, period. The NRA says we now need legions of armed security to provide for our safe passage in our everyday activities.

In effect, the NRA has succeeded in distributing these weapons so thoroughly throughout society that we can no longer ignore the impact of this stockpile of weapons on our daily lives. Now the NRA tells us we need armed guards. Our gun-toting guard will defend us from other gun-toting murderers. This is the definition of a war zone. I've driven through Newtown, CT and it never looked like a war zone, until recently.

When the deranged 20-year-old can only reach for a stick or baseball bat, the damage is very limited, especially when he comes up against someone his own size or maybe bigger. Now that automatic weapons are within easy reach, in his mind he's the biggest man on the planet, and we now need an armed guard for protection. Remember, Newtown's weapons were legally broadcast into society thru legal channels.

If the NRA's purpose was to weaken the fabric of American society, cause you to fear for your childrens' lives even when in the safety of grade school, and maybe make you think about carrying a gun for your own 'personal protection', then they have succeeded with colors flying. Unfortunately, the colors are all blood red. 

Paul Iannacci

Townsend Road

West Groton

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