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Consider, Before Voting - by Emil B. Rechsteiner

Dear Editor:

Brooks Lyman, in his letter to the Editor Oct. 12, recommends that voters "Hit the reset button and vote Republican in November!"

Wait a minute! If successful, voters may live to regret getting what they voted for. Consider, before voting for:

Romney for President: Which Romney will it be?

•The pro-life advocate or the pro-choice Mitt?

•The China-basher or the exporter of American jobs to China?

•The man who disdains 47 percent of Americans as "moochers" or the Santa Claus to fellow-Mormons?

•The governor who signed comprehensive healthcare legislation for the Bay State or the president who will kill "Obamacare".

•The advocate of letting General Motors and Chrysler go bankrupt throwing another half million people out of work or the man who promises 12 million new jobs in his first term?

•The advocate of letting the mortgage foreclosure crisis "just burn out", causing pain to millions or the man who says he loves America?

•The tough-sounding speech-maker to military cadets, even though neither he nor his five sons ever served in the military?

Think before you vote; you may not like what you get.

Scott Brown for US Senator: Who will you get?

•An advocate for the financial services industry, i.e. Wall Street and large banks. No other segment of our economy has been as derelict and ruthless in bringing our economy to its knees and inflicting crippling pain on millions.

News of misdeeds during the Bush go-go years pop up weekly. Last week's bombshells included a settlement with the Discover credit card to return $200 million to account holders and a court decision for Bank of America to pay over $2 billion to shareholders defrauded by the Bank's acquisition of Merrill Lynch. I hold a Discover card, and now I am curious about how much they ripped me off over the years. Also, for over 40 years my wife and I were customers, not shareholders, on one of Bank of America's predecessors: Fleet Bank, Bank of Boston, Baybank etc., etc.

Wall Street and its allies are hell-bent on denying a US Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren, Senator Brown's challenger. Why? She may well be the person most knowledgeable on the corruptive influence of Wall Street and its allies, the big banks. She directed the creation of the Financial Consumer Protection Agency, a part of Dodd-Frank legislation. She was not named its permanent director because Senate approval would have been almost impossible to obtain.

Senator Brown has been a reliable ally of Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Minority Leader, by voting against the President's proposals to preserve and to create jobs. Senator Brown appears beholden to Grover Norquist, the brutal enforcer of "no tax increase whatsoever" pledges, no matter how worthwhile.

Again, I urge you, above all, to think before you vote. Toss out Brooks Lyman's suggestion to press the "reset" button to vote Republican.

Jon Golnik for US Representative: What will you get?

It's hard to find out. His website lacks any substantive information, except that this is his second attempt to unseat Representative Nicki Tsongas.

Hard to believe Mr. Golnik offers nothing except political pablum.

There are third-party reports that Golnik, since moving to Carlisle in 2000, had never voted in elections until 2009. Let me not waste another sentence on him.

When you cast your vote, you can be sure that Nicki Tsongas will continue to do a fine job in Congress and in the district. I fondly remember the aplomb with which she handled the Tea Party folks in a town meeting-type get-together in Chelmsford in 2007.

Onward Nicki!


Emil B. Rechsteiner

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