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An Amazing Letter

Dear Editor:

Stuart Schulman's letter to the Groton Herald was probably the most interesting thing I've heard a Selectman say in years. I find it amazing that we can vote for the President of the USA with absentee ballots but we can't for town meetings? I missed the Spring Town meeting due to a scheduling conflict.

I didn't believe that the voters would so whole heartedly vote to buy one of Groton's most scenic farmlands to build a central fire station when they resoundingly defeated the Sacred Heart church property on Main Street. What were they thinking? I am outraged and disgusted, as many others are to how this town is being run.

Now, I ask all those who missed the town meetings to go the 2012 Fall Town Meeting, October 15th, beginning at 7pm to the Groton Dunstable Middle School auditorium, 344 Main Street, Groton. We have the power to take back our town. Don't be intimidated by others. Take a stand for what you believe in and vote. Your future depends on it.

Maria Hars

Long Hill Road

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