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 One Person Equals One Vote

Dear Editor:

With the presidential campaign over, and even the Florida vote counted, we can draw at least one conclusion: Strong voter participation does not support and will not elect the radical fringe from either party. On Election Day, the Republican radicals were soundly defeated and were sent back for self-examination.

The American electorate does not support the regression of women's rights, vilification of minorities, abuse of immigrants of any origin, suppression of voting rights, or dismantling of our earned retirement system. It is amazing that the violent intent against these groups of people has proceeded as far as it has.

For most of us, we were the immigrants just a few generations ago.

Remember that our power is in our vote. In spite of attempts to suppress, that very effort made people even more determined to cast their meaningful ballots.We have seen those who praise democracy and the American system on the one hand, but then seek to subvert it when the election actually arrives.

 While not part of any business mathematics course, Mitt Romney just learned another equation: It is not that one dollar equals one vote, it is that one person equals one vote. In spite of unlimited big money, the American people were not fooled by the radical message.

Paul Iannacci

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West Groton

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