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Under the spreading Chestnut Tree, Waiting to be Found

Harlan the gnome is still hiding on one of Groton Conservation Trust properties. An ice cream treat awaits the first to find Harlan.

Harlan is sitting under a small American Chesnut tree waitingto be found.  This tree is regrowing from a very old tree stump.


The American Chestnut trees were wiped out by a fungal blight starting in 1904 which was imported from Japan.  By the 1940s all these big beautiful trees had died.

Today many regrowth trees can be found in the forest but they seldom live long enough to fruit before the blight attacks them.  There are many regrowth American Chestnut trees in the forest around Harlan.  You can see a number with brown leaves dying from the fungus blight.

Downhill the mushrooms are disappearing but  bright red cardinal flowers are blooming in a wet area along with Joe Pye Weed.  Joe Pye was named after an Indian medicine man.  Hard to miss it is up to seven feet tall with clusters of pinkish small flowers measuring six or more inches across.  The leaves when crushed have a vanilla smell.

Enjoy fall wildflowers as you hike the woods of Groton.Maybe you will spy the elusive gnome.

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