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Millerism: The 19th Century Religious Movement That Swept Groton

Colorized image of the "Ascension House" also called the "House of the Long Roof" where Groton Millerites gathered to await the predicted end of the world heralded by the second coming of Christ. This house, situated near the corner of Farmers Row and Shirley Road, was torn down in 1952 after termite infestation. Many houses of the Millerites were removed in the years following the establishment of Groton School in 1884 near where The Community had been centered.


This drawing of one of the Millerite community buildings built in 1850, called The Community Workshop, which offered employment for members of The Community, even having a school room on the third floor.


Gravestone in Groton Cemetery for Millerite Benjamin F. Hartwell, a skilled carpenter.


Gravestone of Millerite Elder Luther Boutelle in Groton Cemetery.


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