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All You Need Is The Love Karma Expert

Leila Laura is a positive, charismatic person exuding charm and positive energy. This photo is from her website.


Lelia Laura, The Love Karma Expert, in her light-filled office at 247 Main Street. Photo by Joyce Faiola


by Joyce L. Faiola
Right here in this quiet, serious-minded Yankee town, at 274 Main Street, you will find the offices of Leila Laura, The Love Karma expert. On this Valentines Day week, or at any time of the year, Leila Laura can guide you through the process of “understanding how we are all energy and how it shapes our reality.” With her you will also learn how “love karma affects your reality and may be blocking you from receiving deep love into all aspects of your life.”
     According to Leila, Karma is a magnet attracting the same thing to us over and over again. She says, “Karma can hold us in patterns of insanity, of distancing ourselves from the love we seek or that next level we so deeply crave.” She believes it’s what is blocking us from allowing more love and more success into all areas of our lives. Leila will help you clear the karma that is blocking you from being able to achieve your dream reality.
     She says, "I've been formally studying energy work for 19 years and have been in business since 2015.” She says that when all else fails in matters of the heart, she is the person people come to. She explains that most of her clients have done years of therapy, coaching, and working with other healers, and matchmakers. Then, after extensive attempts at acquiring their dream love life, she says, “they find themselves coming to me.
     “I am known for my expertise in understanding matters of the heart and ability to identify core blocks in an individual's energy. These blocks act as a magnet attracting the same experiences over and over to an individual,” she says. She continues, “When individuals and couples come to me, I identify and clear the blocks that keep attracting the same unwanted experiences. As the blocks move out of the individual's energy, their reality starts shifting and aligning with their dream love life."
     Leila’s website explains that her journey has not been easy. The website says that she experienced sexual trauma, difficult biological chemistry, attempted suicide and repeated failed relationships. She writes that “her early life was a far cry from the beautiful, luminous life she now leads.”
     But, “through her own process of receiving Karma Healing and working on her own karma, she reawakened her gift of seeing and understanding others’ karma.”
     After a lifetime of romantic rejection and romantic drama, the website says, she found her perfect person at age 30,“though it took clearing karma to align with them and allow them into her life.”
     She says that through “her own process of healing and awakening to gifts from her past lives, individuals began to find her for help.” Now more than four years later the proof is in her many successes: clients have gotten married, had their first real love relationship, babies and so much more.
     Leila adds, "Aside from the energetic aspects, I have done extensive self studies on human nature in romantic and familial relationships. Couples are supported in letting go of irrelevant wounds from the past and making space to process hurts that need attention.
Couples are also coached through constructing aspects of their relationship that may have unintentionally created an unhealthy relationship culture” that makes neither of them happy.
     "I've found that when a couple consciously co-creates the culture of the romantic relationship, their dream romantic relationship is not far away. Often couples who think they need a divorce or to be quiet and stay in an unhappy marriage really just need to dig in and focus their energy on how to co-create a romantic relationship that curls their toes. Individuals are empowered with tools to shift from being insecure in love to secure. They are shown what are their strengths and weaknesses as a romantic partner, and are taught how to strengthen their weaknesses. Through clearing tough romantic karma (past life experiences), their energy starts allowing in love with a romantic partner."
     Leila reflects, "Perhaps this all can sound far-fetched; however, after five years of serving hundreds of clients, the results are undeniable. I've been rewarded by witnessing many weddings, renewed marriages, and on top of it, somehow all my clients end up receiving financial love as well (from hefty raises, easily sold houses, relationship miracles that are above and beyond what even they expected).
     “I met my husband Andre after I began my own healing journey and I have been blessed being married to the love of my life and have two young sons. We live in Westford and hope to move to Groton one day," Leila says.
     She adds, “Most individuals work with me for one to two years and couples tend to start with a minimum commitment of a year and both individuals need to be fully on board. The ages of my clientele ranges from age 35- 70.”, office 978.206.5926, leila@ or info@
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