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Freedom is usually portrayed as bold, brassy and pugnacious. But freedom may also be meditative - contemplation of the exquisite sublimity of a hot humid evening and cool jazz in Groton at summer’s end spent at town field with a few others. Photo by Steve Lieman


Bright golden yellow barn is a landmark on Farmers Row. Photo by Steve Lieman


Ruby-throated Hummingbird feeding on a quince with lots of red flowers in Tom Murray’s West Groton backyard. Tom says, “This is the first time I’ve had a hummingbird in the yard during the month of April.”  Photo taken April 30, 2021 by Tom Murray.



Former Sacred Heart Church beautifully renovated to a private residence. Photo by Steve LIeman


Sign on Old Ayer Road. . . Time to check out what the Farmer’s Almanc says about next winter . . .


The Willard Garrison House, as it is known, also served as the town’s first church and meeting place, until the first meeting house was completed in 1666. Today, the Willard Garrison House is the oldest structure in town and stands at 153 Main Street -- it can be seen from the base of the parking lot behind Prescott School.


In 1692, towards the beginning of the Salem Witch Trials, the Rev. Samuel Willard, a former Groton resident but then a leading intellectual and minister in Boston, wrote a dialogue titled "Some Miscellany Observations on Our Present Debates Surrounding Witchcrafts". In it, he criticized the harsh...
The postponed fireworks took place Monday night at Town Field. Eager families and friends were on hand to enjoy the summer festivities and to be together after long months of pandemic isolation. More photos in the People section. All photos by Steve Lieman  

Juliana Grant rang the Revere bell at the Old Meeting House, celebrating her winning first prize in a writing contest for her poem "The Matriarch of Groton."  Photo by Steve Lieman.



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