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The dismayed pumpkin to the right of the happy skeleton seems to be saying,“OMG! There he goes again, making friends with the Trick-Or-Treaters. We’re supposed to SCARE them!” Photo by Steve Lieman


This great bird is stalking his prey at edge of Lost Lake, wading in a thick carpet of pine needles. Original Pastel by Wendy Prest


My passion for art started after I became a mother, and photography was my gateway into the world of art. My immediate goal was to take good pictures of my children, the oldest of whom is now 50. My husband Val had been interested in photography for several years and I went with him to the...

The joy of fall leaves at the Farmer’s Market. Photo by Steve Lieman


The Herald’s top-notch marketing team is rolling out a new way to increase readership. Photo by Christine Berard


View from Gibbett Hill. Photo by Steve Lieman

New Groton Conservation Trust parcel named in honor of June Johnson. Photo by Steve Lieman


In 1899 the bodies of the original raiders at Harper's Ferry were transported north and buried next to John Brown in North Elba, New York. The Reverend Joshua Young, then 24 years into his lengthy pastorate at First Parish Church in Groton presiding over the religious ceremonies.

by Joshua Vollmar   On February 14, 1899 -- Valentine’s Day -- a warm celebration was taking place at Dana House on the campus of Lawrence Academy facing Main Street next to the Minuteman Common, the rented accommodations of the Rev. Dr. Joshua Young, minister of the First Parish Church, and...
by Jeffrey Boutwell, Ph.D. On December 6, 1879, The Boston Globe glowingly described the newly installed Emancipation Group statue in Park Square as representing the “most interesting, the most important and the most sublime event... in the history of the world.”      The statue dedicated...

Preparing to remove the weather vane and directionals from the steeple of the Union Congregational Church, a first step in securing, repairing and restoring the steeple. The weather vane and directionals have been watching over Groton since 1826, the year Massachusetts’ John Adams, author of our Commonwealth’s constitution, and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4. By 1826 Groton had been a town for 171 years.

Photo by Ralph Wiechmann. A gallery of photos of Ralph Wiechmann’s photos and others are available at Steve’s Studio on the Groton Herald website.


by Russell Harris   The Groton Herald contacted Halsey Platt, owner of Platt Builders, for a status report on the Union Congregation Church steeple after a close inspection--thanks to the church’s hiring a massive crane for that purpose. [see photo]      Given the expense and logistics of...


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