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Construction of New England Shirdi Sai Parivaar Temple on the Littleton-Groton town line continues. The finished building will be a 40,000 square-foot space for worship and a community center. Photo by Russ Harris.
Early voting is happening for the first time in Massachusetts history. For the Nov. 8 election, it began Oct. 24 and will continue through Nov. 4 in all Mass. cities and towns. Early voting can be done in person or by mail. Early voting is available at Town Hall, 173 Main St., Groton on the dates...
Groton has entered an era of tight town and school budgets caused in part by a capped revenue source, property taxes. Town officials are on the hunt for new sources of revenue and attracting new businesses to town is one option. During a recent presentation before the Economic Development Commit-...
October 19 Groton Dunstable High School welcomed 18 students from Pfungstadt, Germany and their two chaperones to the Groton area for two weeks as part of a new exchange partnership between Groton and Pfungstadt. The German American Partnership program is unique in that as part of participation two...
Steeplejack Rick Levesque supervises removal of scaffolding from Old Meeting House. 

Photo proof of magic gravestone’s reappearrance at Rob Horton’s Halloween Cemetery.

Lost Lake Cemetery Head Gravekeeper at Lost Lake Cemetery Rob Horton reported that on October 14 while on his way home from work he was stunned to see the headstone that was stolen several days earlier returned to the graveyard. It was not there when he left for work earlier in the day and he...
Spires of Union Congregational Church [front] and old Baptist Church behind as seen from the Old Meetinghouse, shown nestled amid autumn’s foliage. Photo by Steve Lieman
Almost exactly 60 years ago in October 1956 the Groton Selectmen, Fire Chief and Police Chief met in an emergency session to consider the events of the prior six months. The drowning and recovery of two small children on Knops Pond and fatal car accident on Route 119, where a woman bled to death...

Autumn Hills, Chicopee Row in Groton, is open for pick your own. Here the farm stand is heaping with pumpkins. Photo by John Ellenberger.

‘And I could tell / What form my dreaming was about to take./ Magnified apples appear and disappear, / Stem end and blossom end/ And every fleck of russet showing clear.’ Excerpt from ‘After Apple-Picking’ by Robert Frost.

A gentle reminder to us all during a sorry political season, thanks to Martin Luther King.


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