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Photos of a lively Saturday at The Barn Door, above and below.


• Groton Family Diversifies Its Landscaping Business, Branches Out to Specialty Foods, Craft Beer & Wine   by Robert Stewart   The Barn Door, located on Route 119 in Pepperell across the street from the Gary’s farm stand, has only been in existence for approximately a year yet it has...
Nashoba Valley Artists started in early 2001 at the original senior center in West Groton when a very talented artist and teacher, the late Martha Oldham, brought together a group of like-minded artists, to meet, work together, provide feedback and suggestions to one another.      The group met...

Stacey writes, “When she made her way into my coop area, she got caught in the outer coop. She was so afraid of me that she tried to go straight through the top with her head butting against the chicken wire repeatedly. After I gave her space to leave, she found her way out and hightailed it to the woods.”


As a lifelong environmental educator and naturalist, I am always striving to better understand the nature of animals and am continually fascinated by the diversity and abundance of life in and around Groton, my home of 28 years now. I am also a farmer with dogs, horses, goats, and chickens on a...

Gibbet Hill, Early Fall. ‘One side of Gibbet Hill has an interesting pattern cut into the grass.’ Original pastel by Wendy Prest, now on display at the Senior Center in West Groton.


Volunteer ‘Tellers’ play a critical role at Town Meeting, counting votes to determine outcomes that have the force of law. Photo by Steve Lieman.

The dismayed pumpkin to the right of the happy skeleton seems to be saying,“OMG! There he goes again, making friends with the Trick-Or-Treaters. We’re supposed to SCARE them!” Photo by Steve Lieman


This great bird is stalking his prey at edge of Lost Lake, wading in a thick carpet of pine needles. Original Pastel by Wendy Prest


My passion for art started after I became a mother, and photography was my gateway into the world of art. My immediate goal was to take good pictures of my children, the oldest of whom is now 50. My husband Val had been interested in photography for several years and I went with him to the...

The joy of fall leaves at the Farmer’s Market. Photo by Steve Lieman


The Herald’s top-notch marketing team is rolling out a new way to increase readership. Photo by Christine Berard


View from Gibbett Hill. Photo by Steve Lieman


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