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‘Winter slopes all around; flakes of white, abound; More are coming down! Let’s find a hill, and sled it down! Just for the thrill.’ Photo showing young girl’s pure joy of a cold winter day’s sledding behind Lawrence Academy. Photo by A.J. Dillon.
Looks like a cold March day, with snow still on the ground, when this undated photo was taken of Mr. Boynton out delivering his bread, pastry and crackers. The bakery was built on 15 Elm Street in 1851, current site of Shane Kuja’s Groton Service Center. The bakery burned to the ground in 1871 and...
Chris Shattuck of Shattuck Farm on Maple Ave. in West Groton, is seen here tapping his trees. He has syrup available for sale if people want to call ahead for purchase. Photo by Dorry Swain.

To make the syrup, tap trees, collect sap, and boil it down until it's thick, rich, sticky, sweet and delicious.

All this snow in Groton calls for maple snow and all things maple, including a maple log fire. When I was 6 I had my first taste of maple snow at the home of my Canadian grandparents who made it when Pepe said that the snow was what he called, maple snow. On those special days I run up the hill to...

Laurie Bonavita, Groton Land Use Director,

Groton’s Complete Streets Policy aims to accommodate the full range of users of town roadways, walkways, trails, and transit systems by creating a transportation network that meets the needs of individuals utilizing a variety of transportation modes. Decision-makers are directed to plan, design,...

-Photo by Scott Eggiman

Groton and surrounding towns are prime breeding territory for bobcats. We are in the middle of bobcat breeding season, extending from February into early March. Recently, two bobcats were reported fighting in a driveway in Chelmsford--more than likely, two males in a territorial dispute, according...
Scientists have shown that there are many benefits to learning how to make music. But once you decide to invest in your child by giving them a music education, how do you start? School band and orchestra music programs typically begin in the fourth or fifth grade. At this age, students have reached...

‘Day After the Blizzard’ - detail from Williams Barn.

Groton Exchange’s ‘Big Joe’s Pizza’

Police Officers often respond to calls involving substance abuse and mental health disorders. In an effort to better serve their local communities, local police chiefs have recognized the need for specialized training for officers to better recognize those in need. Therefore, a network was...
GD Technology Specialist / Freshman Boys Baseball Coach Joe Bisbee performs the Heimlich Maneuver on Fire Fighter/EMT David Dubey during CPR training at the fire station. The wearable stomach pack Dubey wears contains an air sack. The top pipe can be obstructed with a piece of rubber foam to be...


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