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The Groton Herald was invited to tour the Groton Hill Music Center and take photos last week. In this week’s and next week’s edition we will print some of the spectacular photos of the building taken by Steve Lieman. The photos show the building is well on it way to completion. The largest...

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This photo of Peter Hazzard and his wife Roselle was colorized by the Groton Herald. Peter saved young Amos Lawrence from drowning and was later given a farm in thanks. Peter was “a most respectable man, who was as regularly in a seat in one of the wall-pews” at church. Their son Adrastus, served in the Civil War in the famed Massachusetts 54th and died in the Battery Wagner campaign in 1865. Peter was adept on the violin, to whose music in olden times ‘they shook the light fantastic toe.’ Peter lived to the age of 101. Read it all in Joshua Vollmar’s story below. Photo from Groton History Center archives.


by Joshua Vollmar   With their innumerable contributions to Groton, the Lawrence family is well noted in the annals of town history, as discussed in a recent article in this pa- per (January 21, 2022 edition). Because of the fame that the family achieved, many stories regarding them – even...

American Chestnut Tree and friends, a long time ago in America.

by Mary J Metzger   “It’s a story of tragic loss and a story of great hope,” said John Meiklejohn when he spoke last week (January 19, 2022) at a Zoom presentation through the Granville (MA) Public Library.      Meiklejohn is a volunteer orchard manager in Granville at two of the 37...

Snow highlights Union Congregational Church’s quiet beauty. Photo by Russell Harris


A spell of very cold weather without snowfall opened Groton’s lakes and portions of its rivers for ice fishing, skating, and socializing outside. All across town open expanses of solid ice and Covid-induced cabin fever lured many out to enjoy the bracing winter air, appreciating the freedom to explore areas that are usually only accessible by boat, having a good reason to be out of the house and socialize. This photo, a traditional Groton winter scene of many years, was taken from the park in the Square in West Groton looking on to the pond created by the West Groton Dam. The Carver’s Guild buildings are in the background.


This is one Groton resident who's hoping for a long cold winter with lots of snow.  Photo by Steve Lieman


Visual commentary on the state of American politics in the first quarter of the 21st century found on Common Street. How do you interpret it? Photo by Steve Leiman


Lawrence Homestead as it appeared in 1837 by Peter Anderson, the earliest view of the building which stands today at the corner of Farmers Row and Long Hill Road


by Joshua Vollmar   No family has had more impact on Groton than the Lawrences. From the earliest days of English settlement through to the mid-20th century, members of the family were involved in town affairs. More than a dozen of our most significant historic houses have been owned (and...

Photo by Steve Lieman



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