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“I am happy to know that not all species are forced to need passports and visas to experience new lands.” - Rajesh, Random Cosmos. Photo by Steve Lieman, Indian Hill.


Bucolic Fall scene. Angus cattle take their ease at Gibbet Hill Farm. Photo by Steve Lieman


After fermenting, mead, like wine, is barrel-aged in oaken barrels. Like wine, mead continues to age and mature once bottled. Here, owner Rick Reault shows off some promising future meads as they gently age and add complexity.


‘I will adore the lord, omnipresent King, he that sustaineth heaven – monarch of all, he that maketh splendid water for all who are good, he that made and flourished each reward. May Maelgwn of Mona be drunk with mead and us likewise from frothing horns of finest, purest mead which bees...

Chip Detwiller shows off a real beauty. Photo by Steve Lieman


"Cling, swing, Spring, sing, Swing up into the apple tree." - T. S. Eliot - Photo by Steve Lieman


A pair of Osprey on their nest. Photo by Patricia Mahon.

• What to do if you think your dog has been exposed to deadly cyanobacteria   by Angela Nelson   When we see green, scummy water, we know better than to drink it or even swim in it. But the same is not true for many dogs, and that green scum could be a toxic blue-green algae bloom...
The wild grapes have ripened, filling the edge habitats with a heavenly September aroma. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Depositing them in the bows of the boat, they filled all the air with their fragrance, as we rowed along homeward against the wind, as if we were rowing thro’ an endless vineyard...


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