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People in Quarantine this past year report missing hugging, among so many other things. Herald photographer Steve Lieman recently came upon one solution: hug a tree!

A regular hiker of Gibbet Hill, Herald photographer Steve Lieman reports that lots of people are finding the hike and views rewarding including these folks in costume he photographed shooting a video inside the castle.


Old White Pine in Walker Conservation Area, Groton. Still alive, storing carbon now and in the future.


by Mary J Metzger   In the fight to find solutions for climate change we have some allies in nature. Soils, grazing lands, wetlands, oceans, and forests are all storing carbon. Our country’s forests are absorbing 11% of the carbon we are now emitting in greenhouse gases. Massachusetts forests...

Tennessee Warbler - (Leiothlypis peregrina) Photo courtesy Tom Murray


The fire suppression control room in the basement of Prescott School is any youngster’s delight - full of pipes, valves, and complicated electronic controls, all in silver and fire-engine red. In this photo electricians from Brite Lite Electric install finishing touches on the sprinkler control system. Photo by Ruseell Harris


North American River Otter - (Lontra canadensis)
"When I first saw this, I thought it must just be one of the muscrats swimming around in the wetland behind my house. To my surprise, it swam right by me about 40 feet away without making note of me." Photo and text by Tom Murray

The Groton Herald was very fortunate to be granted a tour of construction progress of the Music Center at Indian Hill recently. This photo shows a larger view and a dramatic detail in the Main Performance Hall, where huge, gently curved laminated beams of southern yellow pine arch to the ceiling to...

Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) Even though a big chunk of its wing is missing, this bat was flying around keeping up with the other one over the wetland. Photo courtesy of Tom Murray


Photo courtesy of Tom Murray

by Mary J Metzger   It’s Climate Month. Here’s where we’ve been.      We are an Ice Age people. Our ancestors survived many large climate changes, as glaciers formed and melted every 100,000 years or so, driven by shifts in the earth’s orbit.      The last great freeze 70,000 years ago...


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