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Photo by Steve Lieman


by Mary J Metzger   Nature has just finished dispersing her seeds. Through gullets, attached to haunches, buried by river, rill, and wind. Hardly any will become plants. But she has insurance. Every cat-tail spike contains a million seeds.      Hope Jahren says in her memoir, Lab Girl, “A...

When someone is called a ‘Tree-Hugger’ it’s usually disparaging, suggesting that the person is something of a looney environmental fanatic. Here, in this photo, the roles seem to be reversed, with welcoming tree branches, like arms seeming to want to be a ‘Human-Hugger.’ Photo by Steve Lieman.


Christmas decorations on Groton Conservation Trust Bates Trail.
 Photo by Steve Lieman

Owner Bennett Black Jr. inspects deteriorated bricks before restoration work begins on one of the oldest chimenys in town, a chimney built in post medieval style inspired by English Palladian architecture. Photo courtesy Joshua Vollmar.


by Joshua Vollmar   Champney House on the corner of Hollis Street and Champney Street bears the name of the family that lived in it for the majority of the 19th century, although the house far predates them, and is, in fact, one of the oldest structures in town. It was previously thought to...

The mystery slab could date to the 18th century when the meeting house was built in 1755 and redeposited there when the meeting house was renovated in 1840.


by Robert Stewart   When volunteer workers uncovered a cement type block while re-laying bricks in front of the First Parish Meeting House, it drew attention because of the Latin words inscribed on the stone.      The stone and inscription so intrigued the volunteers working on the front...


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