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by Don Layton, Harvard Center for Housing Studies. Mr. Layton was the CEO of Freddie Mac from May 2012 until June 2019.   This past December 23, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced that, despite the severe pandemic-induced economic downturn, its index of house prices had...

Bobcat [Lynx Rufus] November 8, 2020 in Groton by Tom Murray.


Posing on Gibbet Hill for a family selfie. Photo by Steve Lieman


Santa made the rounds throughout Groton this year, ensuring good behavior of children, and good fire safety practices for adults. Photo courtesy Groton Fire Department


Photo by Steve Lieman


This was the scene Sunday early afternoon December 20 when seven families in the Whitman Rd. / Nicole Lane / Gay Rd. neighborhood gathered - keeping socially distanced and wearing face- masks - as Santa arrived with Rudolph pulling his sleigh filled with presents! And to make the day even more special, it began to snow. How perfect for all the children whose Christmas celebration began with a personal visit from Santa! Photo courtesy of Nancy Ohringer.


This photo shows the Four Corners intersection in about 1907. On the left is the building, formerly known as Ridge Hill Tavern, which still stands today at the Four Corners intersection. The road running in front of the tavern is the same Boston Road we drive today. In the middle is a house that once served as the home for the tavern owner, constructed in about 1805. This building was demolished on Tuesday, Novermber 24. This photo was provided courtesy of the Groton History Center. The orignal photo is black and white and was colorized for publication here.


by Joshua Vollmar   The preservation of historic buildings is always an ongoing battle. Recently in Groton we have seen many successes in this area. Several large restorations have been completed or are underway, such as at 247 Main Street, the Bywater House at 197 Main Street, and the...


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