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Saluting at the Mound

Driving along Groton’s Main Street every day, it is easy to become inured to our town’s beauty and the lovely colonial- era church at the corner of Main Street and Lowell Road, taking it all for granted. After all, the building looks like the cookie-cutter image of every other New England...

The Gander’s job is mostly to stand and protect. Geese are known for their long-term commitment to mates and offspring. Photo by Tom Murray.


by Mary J Metzger   Canada Geese pairs work as a team, bonding in their second year, and getting seriously down to the nesting business by their third. They have a short window in the spring to get it done, between the last gasps of cold winter and June, when they will lose their flight...
Of the many Town events and commemorations postponed or cancelled during the pandemic, twice missing the Memorial Day Parade feels like the greatest sadness. Not paying formal, communal, ritual respect on Memorial Day feels like a duty neglected, somehow like letting down Groton’s honored dead....

Sophie Puchulu [on right] shows her whimsical side with a paper mache ‘horror’ head she made using her own hair. Sophie’s imaginative sculptural talent ranges far and wide. Her talent shines in miniature jewlery she makes and sells on her Etsy site. See image page 2.


Groton Dunstable Art Student Creates Tiny, Intricate Objects From Everyday Life That Can Soothe the Soul and Be Therapeutic for Many by Robert Stewart   Life Imitates Art Far More Than Art Imitates Life  -- Oscar Wilde   I don’t want Life To Imitate Art I want Life to be Art   --...

Georgianna Boutwell. Photo courtesy Groton History Center


by Nancy Barringer   George S. Boutwell, a remarkable Groton resident and civil servant, has been the subject of a number of recent articles in this newspaper by Jeffrey Boutwell. This article focuses on his only daughter Georgianna, who also had a long, eventful life filled with public...

Never forget them.

Peter Cunningham, Candidate for Select Board

Peter Cunningham Candidate For Select Board      Please give a very short biographical introduction. A little about your work, your education, how long you have lived in Groton. I have lived in Groton with my wife Jean since 1979 and we have raised two daughters here, Jenny and Laura. I...

Beautiful new signs designed and installed by Paul Funch and the Trails Committee. Near Williams Barn. Photo by Rick Muehlke.



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