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May 2021

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Voters Approve New Elementary School Override By Wide Margin; Cunningham Wins Selectboard Seat

by Robert Stewart
In a light turnout at Town Elections this week, voters approved an override of Proposition 2 1⁄2 to construct a new elementary school. The ballot question was approved by a wide margin as the ‘Yes’ votes received 1060 voted or 61 percent of those who voted, while the ‘No’ votes received 639 votes or 37 percent of the votes cast.

LETTER: Post Pandemic, Town Manager Announces Town Government Returns To ‘Business As Usual’ With One Exception

Now that Governor Baker has issued new guidelines concerning the State’s COVID-19 Restrictions and will end the State of Emergency, effective June 15, 2021, the Groton Select Board and Groton Town Manager have revised the Town’s COVID-19 Protocols to essentially return to “business as usual”.

To that end, the following actions will take effect on June 1, 2021 (unless otherwise noted):

Memorial Day

Of the many Town events and commemorations postponed or cancelled during the pandemic, twice missing the Memorial Day Parade feels like the greatest sadness. Not paying formal, communal, ritual respect on Memorial Day feels like a duty neglected, somehow like letting down Groton’s honored dead.

Sophie’s Playful, Whimsical, Jewelry Draws Buyers To Her Etsy Site, Eliciting Praise Of Teachers & Classmates

Sophie Puchulu [on right] shows her whimsical side with a paper mache ‘horror’ head she made using her own hair. Sophie’s imaginative sculptural talent ranges far and wide. Her talent shines in miniature jewlery she makes and sells on her Etsy site. See image page 2.


Jonathan O’Connor says there’s a real delight in seeing Sophie’s tiny sculptures in person. He said, ‘Imagine earrings of little cakes, but the cakes are highly accurate, like a little tiramisu or two avocados that are not only highly realistic, but, whimsical and playful. One earring has the little avocado seed and the other doesn’t, for example.” For reference, he said, “I remember seeing some lockets from the Middle Ages where it was in fashion to make tiny watches. Just seeing the craftsmanship behind those objects and the ability to work at such a small scale was fascinating. There is a similar kind of delight or fascination with seeing Sophie’s work - so small and detailed but also so playful. A lot of them are really funny and playful. Sort of visual puns.”


Groton Dunstable Art Student Creates Tiny, Intricate Objects From Everyday Life That Can Soothe the Soul and Be Therapeutic for Many

Georgiana Boutwell: Companion and Support For Her Famous Father & A Force For Change In Her Own Right

Georgianna Boutwell. Photo courtesy Groton History Center


by Nancy Barringer
George S. Boutwell, a remarkable Groton resident and civil servant, has been the subject of a number of recent articles in this newspaper by Jeffrey Boutwell. This article focuses on his only daughter Georgianna, who also had a long, eventful life filled with public service.


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