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Ten Ways to Play Golf safely When Courses Open

Attention Golfers
We are planning to reopen the Groton Country Golf Course and practice range on Monday, May 18th as we are following the extension of the non-essential business emergency order issued by the Commonwealth. We will implement the appropriate precautions to provide the safest environment possible once we are permitted to reopen. All this is subject to change.   - Shawn Campbell General Manager/Head Golf Professional GCC
     As the above notice explains, the Groton Country Club Golf Course plans to open this month. We hope the following article from Golf Newsletter will help you stay safe and protect others while golfing according to the special Country Club precautions being developed now.
Information from Golf Newsletter
• Bring a mask. Checking in, mingling by the putting green, or interacting with staff. Remember that wearing a mask isn’t about you. It’s about protecting the people you’re interacting with.
• Bring hand sanitizer. If nothing else, this will make you feel better if you come in contact with someone or something else that could be a potential point of transmission. Keep some hand sanitizer in your golf bag and use whenever necessary!
• Don’t shake hands! This goes for hugs, high-fives, low-fives, fist-bumps, belly-bumps and any other sort of physical contact. Ninth or18th green handshakes are a nice tradition, but hardly necessary. Keep those hands to yourself!
• Walking is best but if you’re unable to walk, by all means consider taking a cart, by yourself. Golf is a particularly good way to get outdoor exercise at the moment and walking maximizes that exercise while minimizing additional risk of transmission. Forget the cart if you can help it.
• No Sharing. There’s temptation to try a friend’s new driver or toss a ball to your friend because he just hit his in the water. Don’t do it! Usually, sharing is a sign of generosity. Now it’s the opposite, no matter your intentions.
• Don’t grab what you normally touch. Bunker rakes, flag sticks, abandoned golf tees, all washers, cups of water, lost golf balls. There are an endless number of touchable items on a golf course, but if there’s a chance someone else has touched that same thing, better stay away.
• Space! Regardless of the number in your party, leave plenty of space. We all know about six feet for social distancing, and on the massive expanses of a golf course, there’s no need to occupy the same airspace. This is especially true on tees and greens. Resist that temptation to crowd!
• Sorry! Public bathrooms... not at the moment. Take care of business at your home facilities before you head to the course.
• Bring snacks. Granola bars, Beef jerky, Water bottles, White Claws, Whiskey. It is recommended, no sharing.
• Take the opportunity to enjoy your time outdoors and remember that playing golf, when done the right way, is good for you.
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