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SPORTS: Summer Musings

The Bruins are the toughest group of professional athletes in town. Gregory Campbell finishing his shift with a broken leg and center Patrice Bergeron, playing the sixth game of Lord Stanley's final with a broken rib, a hole in his lung and separated shoulder.

No sympathy here for Lebron James who, during last year's championships, was carried off the court with leg cramps. Give me a break!

"We get it Lebron. It doesn't hurt when you're running around but it looks unbearable when the cameras are close up during the timeouts," former BU player and current Anaheim Duck Nick Bonino had tweeted to CBS Boston's 'Latest Sports' blog.

Sorry to see Paul Pierce and KG leaving the Celtics. Thought Pierce was here for the whole ride.

I wrote in the March 8, 2013 Groton Herald: "Am I the only person who thinks the Red Sox will be an exciting team this season and win 90 plus games?  The influx of quality, hard-nosed, good character players (hopefully) that GM Ben Cherington has assembled should help. And if Lackey, Buchholz and Lester pitch to what they are earning, that will make Farrell's fanatics proud."

Don't know who has done a better job. Red Sox GM Ben Cherington, who brought in the current collection of gritty players, and Farrell who has brought  professionalism to the Sox that was lacking or Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi who have those dreaded Yankees in the AL East race despite an injury plagued first half.

Well, with 53 wins and 34 losses to date, our Sox are making me look good. At this writing, they are 16 wins shy of surpassing last season's win total. I was at the game the other night when Lackey disposed of San Diego with ease. He pounded the strike zone looking like Cy Young in the process.

Shane Victorino and Dustin Pedroia must have an agreement with Tide detergent: "Get your uniforms as dirty as possible each game and we'll get them super clean!" Victorino thinks the walls in right field are like those bouncy tents the kids jump in. He plays right field with reckless abandon. I bet they both bleed Black and

No worries about the current West coast hic-cup. We'll be OK. 'Nough for now!

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