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Helena Koch signs letter of intent to play lacrosse for the University of New Haven

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Groton-Dunstable student/ athlete Helena Koch signed a letter of intent in March to play lacrosse for the University of New Haven, a private college in West Haven, Connecticut.
     “After visiting about ten colleges, I chose the University of New Haven because of their engineering program and the opportunity to play lacrosse in college. I loved the campus and it was not too far from home, so I can visit some weekends and my family can come see my games,” said Helena.
     The Koch family, parents Sandra and Carl Koch, sister Jennaveve and Helena moved to Groton nine years ago. Jennaveve will be a freshman at Groton-Dunstable next year and will be playing both field hockey and lacrosse.
     “The most influential person in sports for me was and is my father. He has coached me as long as I can remember and has taught me so much over the past seven years. My mom has also influenced me academically and has always helped me improve my writing skills. I would not be the person I am today without her,” she said.
     “Helena Koch is a coach’s dream,” shared former varsity lacrosse coach Kasey Pelletier. “What impressed me the most was her work ethic and passion for the game, always holding herself to a high standard of practice/ play and always looking to improve her skills.
     “Helena is a true leader on and off the field. During offseason, she stepped up and organized a team for girls’ indoor league. Her passion for lacrosse is evident, which really allows her game to continually improve.”
     “Helena is a model student of the game,”offered Sarah Eisenklam who is on the girls lacrosse coaching staff and has coached Helena since she began playing lacrosse.
     “She is constantly trying to improve. Of everyone I’ve ever coached, she asks questions with the earnest objective of trying to better herself and her game. Helena enjoys working hard every minute of practice and is ready for any role (midfield or attack) we ask of her.
     “She has an impressive, lightening fast accurate shot. It was impressive to see her nurtured skills this spring. The University of New Haven is lucky to have her! She will be a wonderful offensive weapon,” said Coach Eisenklam.
     Helena shared, “Lacrosse is my favorite sport because I have dedicated so much of my life competing at high school, club, and also indoor lacrosse for the New Hampshire Tomahawks for the past six years trying to improve my skills, get stronger and faster.”
     Helena also played field hockey for Groton-Dunstable and said, “Field hockey has also been a blast because of the camaraderie my friends and playing for Coach Connerty was so much fun! I got pulled up to varsity at the end of sophomore for the playoffs and played varsity junior and senior year. I am so happy that I got the experience to play field hockey and lacrosse in high school. Coach Connerty commented that Helena “is a strong athlete and was a force to be reckoned with on defense.”
     “Helena is a humble, hardworking, persevering young woman dedicated to her academics and athletics. She continues to challenge herself, making the best decisions to keep a balanced schedule,” said guidance counselor Sarah Potter.
     Commenting about academics, Helena related that “Math is my favorite subject, but I have always struggled but I like the challenge. Ms. Mason and Mrs. Smyth, both in the math department, are my favorite teachers at Groton-Dunstable. Ms. Mason helped me so much in my Algebra 1 and Pre-Calculus classes. Mrs. Smyth was my Calculus 1 Honors teacher and is my faculty sponsor for my internship at Brooks Automation in Chelmsford.”
     Asked to relate a significant game during her HS career: “Last year we had lost a game to Shrewsbury at the beginning of the season. We spent a lot of time practicing getting ready to play them for the second time. I scored three goals and had an assist. We won that game! It felt like I turned on a second gear and was playing really well.”
     “I cannot wait to see all that she accomplishes at New Haven. They will have a well-rounded student-athlete and I look for- ward to following her career. I will be a fan for life,” concluded Kasey Pelletier.
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