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Groton Police Log August 31 - September 5

• Aug 31 - September 5
     During the week of August 31, the police department investigated 10 accidental 9-1-1 calls; had 4 reported bear sightings (although we saw at least 4 more reported on Facebook); checked on 3 complaints of fireworks or other loud noises; and checked the well-being of 4 residents, all of which were fine. There was only 1 motor vehicle crash this week, with no reported injuries; both vehicles had very minor damage. Emergency personnel responded to 11 medical emergency calls; all but three people were transported to the hospital.
• August 31, 2020
     At 2:36 AM, an officer on patrol came across an illegal trash dumping on Nod Rd. The officer was able to find some items that may help identify the culprit; if any resident living or traveling the area of Nod Rd saw anything suspicious please contact Detective Timmins.
     At 10:45 PM, officers were dispatched to a residence for a B&E into a home that had just occurred. The home owners were home at the time and heard a noise in the backyard. They observed a white man wearing a hat in the back yard. This matter is under investigation and if anyone has any information, they should contact Detective Timmins. This has been an isolated incident at this time, but we want to remind residents to lock their doors and vehicles, especially at night.
• September 1, 2020
     At 10:15 AM, dispatch received a phone call from a citizen looking to get directions to the station. The caller stated that when they followed their GPS to 99 Pleasant St, it brought them to the ocean and abruptly ended. Dispatch was able to give them the correct information for Groton CT PD.
     At 1:32 PM, dispatch received multiple calls about black bear sightings (Valliria Dr, Schoolhouse Rd, Lowell Rd). One caller advised that the bear destroyed their birdfeeders and then left. We would like to remind all residents to remove your birdfeeders, and all other sources of possible food from the yard, as bears are actively looking to eat as much as they can before they hibernate in the coming months.
• September 2, 2020
     At 10:15 AM, officers are dispatched to a residence for a report of suspicious activity. The caller stated that someone left what appears to be an expensive bicycle and racing clothing in the front yard. Upon further investigation it was deemed to be a friend of one of their children’s; the caller didn’t realize the friend left the bicycle in the yard.
• September 3, 2020
     At 11:35 PM, a citizen came into the lobby of the police department with a white poodle they found wondering the roadway. A police officer was able to make contact with the owner and reunite the poodle with its owners.
• September 4, 2020
     A t 7:18 PM, officers were dispatched to the powerlines for suspicious activity. The caller stated that they saw a vehicle drive up the trail under the powerlines. Officers were able to locate the owner of the vehicle as well as their passengers. The owner, a teenager, had just put on new tires and wanted to see how they handled. The youth were advised about the consequences of motor vehicle trespass.
• September 5, 2020
     At 11:09 AM, dispatched received an open 9-1-1 line. The call plotted in the middle of Lost Lake. Dispatch was able to make contact with the owner of the phone who stated they were indeed on their boat in Lost Lake, they were not sure how the phone dialed 9-1-1, but confirmed they were fine.
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