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Groton Police Log August 10 - 23

During the week of August 10 the police department responded to 32 accidental 9-1-1 calls. Please be careful with your smart watches! Thankfully all were accidental. They investigated 15 scam/identity theft calls, checked the wellbeing of 15 persons, all of which were okay and hadn’t had a chance to call their family member back for one reason or another, and investigated 20 instances of suspicious activity. There was only 1 motor vehicle crash, with possible minor injuries. Emergency personnel responded to 7 medical calls, all of which were transported to the hospital.
August 10, 2020
At 1:34 PM, a resident called to report a bear was eating out of their bird feeder. Advise given about bears and that they should remove any food sources from the yard so the bear doesn’t return.
August 11, 2020
At 8:10 PM, K-9 Bane was requested by Dunstable PD for a missing three-year-old child. The child was found hiding in the home.
August 12, 2020
At 2:30 PM, officers spoke to a resident about a scam phone call. The reporting party stated that they had received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Publisher Clearing House stating that they had won $2.5 million. To claim the prize they needed to “buy a $200.00 Visa gift card” and meet the caller in the police department parking lot in the “online safe zone parking spots”. The caller quickly hung up the phone as they realized it was a scam.
August 13, 2020
At 8:50 PM, officers were dispatched to Skinner Conservation for two vehicles parked after dusk. Officers were able to locate the hikers and advised them of the conservation area being closed at dusk. They had been night fishing.
August 14, 2020
At 1:23 PM, dispatch received a phone call from the Library stating that a humming bird had flown into the first floor of the library. ACO was able to help them get the bird out of the library.
     At 4:43 PM, an officer was dispatched to a residence for a report of stolen yard signs. The reporting party stated that the signs were stolen sometime between 7 AM and 1 PM. They were not sure who would have done it, and although they have a camera the motion sensitivity had been turned down so it did not capture the incident. No one else on the street had their similar signs disturbed.
August 16, 2020
At 8:25 AM, officers were dispatched to a residence for a disturbance. The reporting party stated that they had a verbal argument with a neighbor. When the neighbor left the residence they speed off which caused a rock to kick up and strike a female resident causing minor injuries. After speaking with all three parties, the driver was charged with Assault and Battery. They will be arraigned at Ayer District Court at a later date.
During the week of August 17th, the police department investigated 25 accidental 9-1-1 calls, 4 motor vehicle complaints, and 6 motor vehicle crashes. Emergency responders were called to 18 medical emergency calls; on 7 of these calls the patient declined to go to the hospital. Officers also looked into a larceny of a package. After speaking with neighbors, one of the neighbors also received the same meal delivery program and had the package delivered to them by mistake. The delivery company was advised of their mistake.
August 17, 2020
At 8:49 AM, a resident called about an owl that was stuck in their dog fence. They were connected with the Wildlife Rehabber for the area.
     At 1:15 PM, Billerica PD called requesting an officer to check a residence for a party in our town. The resident’s name and address were found in an illegal trash dump that occurred in their town. Officers passed on the message to the resident.
August 18, 2020
At 1:53 PM, a resident called to report their son’s bicycle missing. The son had received a flat tire while riding on the rail trail. They had left the bike at the Sand Hill parking lot until they could come and pick it up later on in the day. When the son returned a few hours later the bike was gone. The bike is described as a black mountain bike with blue lettering. The son commutes to work from Pepperell to Littleton and that is his primary source of transportation. Anyone having any information please contact Det. Timmins.
August 19, 2020
At 2:15 AM, an officer was traveling down the street when they happened upon 4 youth riding bicycles. The officer spoke with the 4 youth who admitted that they all snuck out to ride bikes. Officers made contact with parents who advised the children would be in trouble at home for sneaking out.
     At 3:49 PM, dispatch received a 9-1-1 hang up call; they were unable to make contact with anyone on call back. Officers continued to the residence and upon arrival were told that the residents had attempted to call 9-1-1 due to a family member choking. They were able to dislodge the obstruction with the Heimlich maneuver; they stated that they could hear dispatch but dispatch could not hear them due to an issue with their phone line.
August 20, 2020
At 1:26 AM, an officer located two parties walking in the middle of the roadway on a cut through road. The officer checks on the two parties who stated they were playing Pokemon Go and were attempting to “catch” a pokemon that was in the middle of the road.
August 21, 2020
At 12:20 AM, an officer discovered that the Nod Rd trash dumper had struck again. They located multiple bags of trash about 50 feet from the roadway. The officer checked the bags but did not find any identifying information. Anyone who sees anything suspicious on Nod Rd or who has exterior cameras should contact Det. Timmins.
August 22, 2020
At 6:34 PM, dispatch received an abandoned 9-1-1 call. Upon call back the male party advised dispatch that he was demonstrating how to call 9-1-1 by depressing the “home button” three times. There is no need to actually demonstrate how to dial 9-1-1; trust us it works!
August 23, 2020
At 11:43 AM, officers check Fitch’s Bridge and see youths throwing rocks at the bridge and being generally disruptive. Officers speak with the youths, and their parents, about the behaviors. No damage was done by the rocks to the bridge.
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