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Groton Animal Control Blotter

Groton Animal Control responded to 50 calls during the month of August:
Livestock loose: 4 (sheep/goats) Birds: (peacocks, missing conure)
Loose/missing dogs: 8
Found dogs: 2
Found cats: 2
Dog bites: 1 (2 orders of quarantine issued)
Bobcat sightings: 4
Bear sightings: 1
Fox sightings: 3, reported as unhealthy (sarcoptic mange)? 
Coyote sightings: 2
Raccoon sightings: 2, reported as unhealthy (distemper)?
Animals trapped: 2 (Animal Control cannot remove these animals)
Deer struck: 1
Dog in car in high temperatures: 2 
Requests to remove dead animals: 4 ( not in our job description)
Miscellaneous calls: bats, snakes, turtles
   Please call Groton Police, 978- 448-5555 to report sighting of bobcats. While we rarely respond to these sightings, it is good to track these interesting animals.
     Bears, bobcats and coyotes all have territories sometimes up to 50 square miles or more. This means the same animal may be seen repeatedly in an area. 
     The fact that an animal thought to be nocturnal is seen in daylight does not necessarily mean it is ill. The nocturnal/diurnal rule does not apply all the time.
    A really informative book on wildlife is Stokes’ Animal Tracking and Behavior.
     Many calls are questions on the wildlife in Town and are handled by phone. Since Animal Control is not allowed to handle wildlife, sadly sometimes we need to let Nature take its course.
     Once more we need to remind that
all dogs in Groton are required by State and Town law to be licensed. This can be done either by coming to Town Hall or going on-line to Groton’s web-site, dog licensing.
     Dogs are not allowed to run loose in Town. If a dog is picked up and has proper license tags, we will bring it to the owner one time. If it is picked up again, we will bring it to our shelter.
     There will be a $25 pick-up fee and if the dog is not licensed, that must be done before it can be released. Almost all of the dogs reported loose and picked up have no identification such as license tags or micro-chip, or a collar with the owner’s name and address.
     While Groton Animal Control is not a full-time position, someone is on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call Groton Police, 978-448-5555.
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