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Animal Control Report

March saw a relatively small number of Animal Control calls, as follows:
Loose dogs: 5
Investigation of dog complaints: 2
Squirrel in house: 1
Skunk in trap: 1 (able to talk trapper through an uneventful release)
Dog menacing walker: 1
Raccoon advice: 1
Possum advice: 1
Report of mangy fox: 1
     There were several calls regarding animals seen during the day that were thought to be nocturnal. The old rule of nocturnal/diurnal animals no longer is a hard and fast rule. It seems our wildlife neighbors are not as wary of us as we thought them to be. We seem to be less adapted to them as they are to us.
     Remember that if you catch an animal in a trap, Animal Control can not come and remove it. Town agents do not deal with wildlife unless it poses a danger.
     Springtime, the season of renewal and wildlife babies! Please do not handle them! Unless Momma has been confirmed to have been killed, she is not far away. She will leave her babes for extended times in her search for their food.
     We have several Wildlife Rehabilitators in our area who will care for abandoned or injured wildlife These dedicated, hard-working people can be contacted through Groton Animal Control. Look for an article on them in the Herald in the near future.
     We have had several sightings of bears and bobcats recently. Please, in addition to posting them on Facebook, report them to Animal Control through Groton Police, 978-448-5555. The sightings will be relayed to Mass. Fish and Wildlife. This information will be used in their data.
     Turkey hunting season begins on April 27. Hunting on un-posted land is allowed in Groton providing that safety distances are observed. A hunter must be 500 feet from an occupied dwelling and 150 feet from a travelled road.
     Even though Groton Town Hall is closed, we are still able to license our dogs on-line (town of You will need proof of rabies inoculation from your veterinarian.
     Groton Animal Control hopes that during these difficult days we can stay safe, maintain a positive outlook (and social distancing). Enjoy our many trails and appreciate our wild neighbors. Planting a garden can be a real exercise in hope. (I hope that fat woodchuck will not decimate my squash garden).
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