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Animal Activity Blotter

2 Skunks and 1 Fisher Cat* Seen Trespassing!
Submitted by Groton Animal Control
Listed below are the calls handled by Groton Animal Control for the month of October.
• Dogs, loose or found: 16, There were 2 bite incidents reported and investigated. Dogs are not allowed to run loose off of the owner’s property. They must be licensed in Groton. In addition to receiving their rabies vaccination tag, they must also have a Groton tag.
• Horses, welfare check: 1
• Cats reported loose: 3
• Poultry reported loose: 2
• Raccoons struck by car: 1, taken to Adey Wildlife Re-hab in Ashburnham.
• Foxes, sick: 6
• Skunks trespassing: 2
• Bear sightings: 2
• Bobcat sightings: 2
• Deer struck: 4
• Beaver struck: 1
• Possum struck: 1
• Porcupine struck: 2
• Owl struck: 1, taken to re-habilitator
• Fisher trespassing: 1 (Note: The Fisher is the second largest member of the weasel family found in Massachusetts; only the river otter is larger. Although many people call them “fisher cats,” the name is inappropriate. They are neither members of the feline family, nor do they catch fish.
     Groton Deer Kill Officer Wayne Tuttle reports that in 2018 there were 31 deer struck and killed by automobiles. He expects that with 20 killed so far this year, that number will be exceeded. If you strike a deer with your car, please report it to Groton Police, 978-448-6037. They will call Wayne to dispose of the deer. Mass. Fish and Wildlife receives reports from Wayne and from these reports they track the number of deer in our area.
     Deer are approaching their breeding season and can be expected to be moving more than usual. Bucks will be losing their sense of caution and will be seen more frequently.
     Please do not feed the deer. Corn especially can be fatal to deer. It is not their natural food and they are not able to digest it. There is an abundance of acorns this winter, a principal food for deer. Unless we have a particularly harsh winter they will survive quite well. Look for an increase in the squirrel population because of the number of acorns.
     Mass Fish and Wildlife recommends that bird feeders should not be put out before the second week in December. The bears will be preparing for hibernation and looking for an easy source of food. Bird feeders are a great source for them.
Groton’s barn inspections will be underway the next two months. Usually the Inspector just stops by, does the inspection and leaves a slip for the owner. If you prefer that the Inspector does not come onto your property when you are not there, please call 978-448-3715 to set up a time for your inspection.
These inspections, required by Mass. Department of Agricultural Resources, check the health and living conditions of the animals. All livestock, which includes poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, horses, llamas and alpacas must be inspected. This is confidential information and goes directly to the Department of Emergency Preparedness.
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