Special Notices

The Board of Selectmen and Planning Board invite you to attend two public information forums on the regulation of recreational marijuana establishments.      The first forum will be held on Saturday, January 20, 2018, at 9:00 AM, in the Middle School Performing Arts Center (PAC), 342 Main Street. ...
Running for office is a straightforward activity. There is a simple process to be followed, consisting of collecting signatures for your nomination. The more interesting part is garnering votes based upon what you want to accomplish in serving as an elected official.   Nomination papers for Groton’...
 Data shows that Groton voters love voting early, an option instituted for the first time statewide for the 2016 presidential election. Statewide 22 percent, or more than one million Massachusetts voters took advantage of early voting. But in Groton, 37 percent of voters voted early. Early voting...
*/  George Moore, Groton’s Animal Control officer warns:     "Don’t feed corn in any form to our whitetail deer. Their digestive systems can’t process such high-carbohydrate food. They will die in a very short order if fed corn."
*/ The Christmas Tree bonfire scheduled for the week after New Year's was postponed due to the extreme cold, and it's now time to light it up. This Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 6pm. 500 Trees! Please check the Town of Groton website for updated details. 
*/ Mass. Fish and Wildlife as well as Groton Animal Control warn against feeding corn in any form to our whitetail deer. Their digestive system is unable to process such a high-carbohydrate diet. They can die in a very short period of time.
*/ Groton Animal Control would like to remind Groton residents that their dogs must be registered in our town. This requires proof of rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian. The fees are listed on the town website. Licensing can be done as well on-line or at the Town Clerk’s office.
*/ Donelan’s Supermarkets announced they are closing their Groton market on Main Street after 25  years. Employees at the Groton store say they plan to be closed by the end of January.  In a letter to their Groton customers Jack and Joe Donelan say the Groton location is no longer sustainable....
   Effective immediately, anyone who needs to purchase a replacement sticker or additional sticker will need to show proof of purchase of the full sticker.  We will also ask that you provide us a reason for the replacement sticker (i.e. new car purchase, lost).    If you cannot show proof of...
To Our Readers:    The format changes to this week’s Groton Herald may surprise you almost much as they did us. You didn’t get any warning of these changes because we didn’t get any warning. As the last edition of the Groton Herald for 2017 was coming off the press, our print vendor of more than 20...


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