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UN SECRETARY GENERAL Greets Big Book "Global Citizens"

Recognized for perseverance, effort, and goals of Groton-Dunstable Regional School District, fifth grade teacher and club advisor, Betsy Sawyer and members of Bookmakers and Dreamers Club, had a rare honor bestowed upon them during a trip to the United Nations, They received a private audience with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who hosted them in the General Assembly, addressed them, had his photograph taken with them, and shook everyone's hand.

Additionally, Groton-Dunstable graduates Drew Gentile and Meaghan Biggs were permitted to address the Secretary General, requesting that he consider exhibiting the Big Book: Pages for Peace at the UN With a smile, he responded, "We will work to make this happen."

A genuine supporter of the Big Book: Pages for Peace Club and advocate for the display of the Big Book at the United Nations, is former Under Secretary General of the UN and former President of the UN Security Council, Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury. He joined students and teachers in the General Assembly as the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed them.

Students listened attentively to Ban Ki-moon, and broke into big smiles as the Secretary General thanked Club Advisor Betsy Sawyer and all of the students and teachers. Groton-Dunstable students, Madelyn Kelly and Ryan Mosscrop presented the Secretary General with gifts, including a "VIP" (Very Important Peacemaker) knit cap, and Big Book: Pages for Peace t-shirt, and a framed picture of the letter submitted to the Big Book by Ban Ki-moon.

Meaghan Biggs, now a junior at Pace University and Drew Gentile, who just received his Associates Degree at Middlesex Community College, each addressed the Secretary General with confidence in and commitment to values of the Big Book.

Chowdhury held students' attention as he spoke about their goals and objectives as members of the Bookmakers and Dreamers Club and production of the Big Book: Pages for Peace. "As Bookmakers and Dreamers Club members, you believe that there is a positive value in contributing to the world. Your objective is a world where peace and non-violence is the way for the world. You should prepare yourself as a peaceful non-violent person, contributing your time, energy, and enthusiasm to resolving the challenges of life in a peaceful, non-aggressive way. Don't fight or push for your own benefit at the cost of somebody else - you do not need to because you can say, 'I stand on my own merit. I do not have to cut down someone else to get what I want.' And until you behave that way, you can't expect others to do so either."

Ambassador Chowdhury, too, was personally presented with gifts, by students Luke Benedict, Elliot Murphy, and Donald Osmer III, after which he posed with the group for one more photo.

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