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School Short Takes

Schools Will Go On 1/12 Budget July 1
     The Groton Dunstable Regional School District will begin the new fiscal year without a budget and will operate the schools on what is called a 1/12 budget starting July 1. A 1/12 budget allows a municipality or school district to operate temporarily if no budget has been approved for the new fiscal year.
     While Groton approved its school assessment at town meeting on June 13, the Town of Dunstable has not yet held its town meeting. As a result, the School District does not have an approved budget for fiscal 2021 and will have to operate on this emergency funding until Dunstable votes on its school assessment.
     The 1/12 budget allows the school district to spend 1/12 of its previous year’s budget to meet its financial obligations in the new fiscal year. The Town of
     Dunstable will also have to fund its fiscal 2021 operations of a 1/12 budget. Towns and school districts can fund operations in this manner until September. Dunstable has not yet set a date for its town meeting.
No Mass Layoffs at Groton-Dunstable
     Despite recent TV news reports that some communities in Massachusetts like Brookline and Newton are sending layoff notices to hundreds of teachers, that situation will not develop in Groton and Dunstable.
     School Committee Chair Marlena Gilbert noted there has been an excellent collaboration between the District and the Teachers Association in meeting the urgency and unique COVID-19 environment. This collaboration and communication worked out major issues as they arose and has put the School District in good shape to face uncertainties in the fall.
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