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Select Board Supports Spending $555,509 For CPC Projects

by Connie Sartini


  Community Preservation Committee Chairman Carolyn Perkins presented the recommendations of her Committee to the Select Board highlighting that the state match will be 11 percent this year. She advised that there is an effort by Governor Charlie Baker to raise the fees for recording deeds at the Registry of Deeds to pay for the increase.

   Perkins pointed out that many projects throughout town would not have been done if it were not for the availability of CPC Funds.

   Voters will be asked to approve the following appropriations from the CPC Fund and allocate these funds to the following sub-accounts: There are the CPC operating Expenses for $5,000; the Open Space Reserve for $73,800; the Historic Resource Reserve for $73,800; the Community Housing Reserve for $73,800; and the Unallocated Reserve for $511,600.

   In a second CPC article, voters will be asked to approve the following projects that are recommended by the Committee for CPC Funding. They are: the sum of $48,882 for the position of Housing Coordinator from the Housing Reserve; the sum of $5,627 for a Historic Volume Storage Cabinet from Historic Reserve; the sum of $100,000 for the Conservation Fund from the Open Space reserve; Library Roof Preservation for $356,000 from Historic Reserve; and the sum of $45,000 for the Fitch’s Bridge Wall repair from Historic Reserve.

   The request from the Library was reduced from $371,000 to $356,000. One additional item, the request for $112,697 for the resurfacing of the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District High School Track was removed, as Perkins reported that the CPC ran out of funds.  

   The Select Board was in support of all the CPC recommendations for funding.

   Perkins estimated that if all the above requests are approved, the balance remaining in the CPC Accounts will be $103,000 in Open Space Reserve; $105,000 in Historic Resource Reserve; $588,000 in Community Housing and $783,000 in Unallocated Reserves.

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