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New Construction Chosen Best Option For Flo Ro

Cost estimates are approximately the same for the three options evaluated and all 3 would house the same number of students; total cost of new construction, which will be approximately 2.5 times the square footage of either of the other options, is estimated at $77 million; Groton’s share after state reimbursement is expected to be $52 million.
by Robert Stewart
After months of study by the School District’s architect - Studio G Architects - and design firms, the Building Committee for the Florence Roche Building Project voted to select new construction as the best option for improving the educational facility for elementary students in Groton.
     The Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee studied three options to improve the elementary education facility in town now being served by the Florence Roche Elementary School: A code upgrade and renovation of the current building; building an addition and renovation of the current building; and building a new facility and tearing down the current building.
     A comparative cost analysis of the three alternatives showed minor differences among the three options leading the Building Committee to conclude that new construction would be the most cost effective solution to improve the elementary facility in Groton. The District’s project management firm Leftfield prepared the cost analysis that showed that only $3 million separated the three different options.
     Option One which proposed to bring the Florence Roche building up to current code along with renovation was estimated to have a total cost $79.9 million. Under that total cost, the state would pay $27.7 million and Groton’s share would be $52.1 million. The building could house 645 students and have a gross square footage of 60,150 square feet. The footprint of the building would occupy 24,000 sq. ft.
     Option Two proposed an addition to the Florence Roche building and renovation of the facility. The total construction cost of this option was estimated to be $80.4 million. Of that amount, the state would pay $27.8 million and Groton’s share of the total cost would be $52.5 million. This option would also provide space for 645 students. It would also contain gross square footage of 60,150 and also have a footprint of 24,000 square feet.
     Option Three proposed construction of a new building and tearing down the old Florence Roche building. Under this option there were several proposals for new construction including construction of a new building behind the Florence Roche School or constructing a new building behind the middle school south building. Construction of a new building behind the middle school was estimated to cost $80.4 million while construction behind the Florence Roche building was estimated to cost $77 million. Under both options, the Florence Roche building would be demolished.
     The lower cost and along with other factors promoted the Building Committee to choose the new construction option and
to locate that construction behind the Florence Roche building. This option would also house 645 students but would also result in more educational space for students. The total square footage for a new building would be 111,636 and the footprint for the new building would occupy 61,740 square feet.
     One of the cost factors in making the first two options comparable to new construction was the provision to bring in temporary modular classrooms to house all students during renovation work. The detailed comparative cost analysis of the three options can be viewed on the website of the Florence Roche Building project: /psr
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