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Mass House Accepts Report Recommending Defeat of Sanctuary Cities Bill

by Bob Katzen, Beacon Hill Roll Call
The House accepted a report of the Municipalities and Regional Government Committee recommending the defeat of a bill that would prohibit cities or towns from failing to enforce federal immigration laws by designating themselves as sanctuary cities.
     The measure also would reduce unrestricted local aid to cities and towns that don’t comply with this law. Translated from government talk, “accepting a report recommending the defeat of a bill” means “killed the bill.”
     Supporters of the bill say cities and towns that encourage law-breaking are hurting this nation. They argue the state should do everything it can to dissuade those who seek to come here illegally.
     Opponents of the bill say it is mean-spirited and note that some individuals are here because of political asylum. Others say they oppose sanctuary cities but do not support cutting off local aid as punishment.
     Rep. Marc Lombardo (R-Southwick) the sponsor of the bill, did not respond to repeated requests by Beacon Hill Roll Call for a statement supporting his proposed legislation.
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